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Jay Tsukino
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hey everony. Jamie/James/Jay/Wolfie
My tumblr is below.
Pansexual dweeb who likes to cosplay and write

"In the far corner, he saw a pair of identical twins committing twincest. The shock of the unnatural and sodomistic behavior made Roger advert his eyes quickly only so they could fall upon the most beautiful specimen of homo sapien sapien Roger had ever seen. The short stocky youth with the suave glasses made him look a lot more homo sapien sapien sapien than homo with two sapiens."
I havent talked to you all in a while. I know I keep saying I will be more active here and likewise on my wattpad. I plan on it I really do, but I've gotten REALLY busy. 
  1. I am sick as hell. I coughed up a little bit of blood today, but otherwise it's been just a regular cough. No worries though.
  2. I am going to the Steam Powered Giraffe concert in March, on the 21st. In two weeks. I also planned on cosplaying my fanbot so I am working on getting my facepaint right, and making my robot arms. So excited. But to go I made a promise with my parents I would behave and do my school work. So when I am not painting gloves or my face, I am writing and studying.
  3. I like a boy. 
Number 3 is new. and it's no excuse tbh.
But wow. He's just wow. He's tall, like at least 6 ft. And he's so kind to me no matter how mean I am to him. I've definitely said things to him that I probably shouldnt have but he's literally never ever been mean to me, not even slightly. And we've been friends since last year so I am very comfortable with him.
You know when you like someone and you're scared to look dumb or ugly in front of them? I dont experience any of that around him. If I fall, or make a stupid face at him, I can laugh out of pure joy not because I'm embarrassed or anything. He's also in choir like I am. He's so talented. He can sing, dance, and play sooooo many instruments. 
He's hilarious too. We have a horrible sense of humor and it works.

So basically. He's perfect. 
But I heard he was going to ask this girl to the prom, and well she's so pretty and way nicer than I am. They look better together too. And he does like her.
I am thinking of not making a move. It's unfair of me to put him in that position, unfair of me to tell him I like him when I know of his intentions with this other girl. I might just let it happen.
Besides, I dont wanna risk our friendship. He's one of my best friends.

But that's what has been up lately.
Speaking of number 2, yes my fanbot. I am writing his backstory (that intertwines with my friends bot's backstory.) so I might post that here?
Stay stellar everyone!
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: I Know I'm A Wolf - Young Heretics
  • Reading: Facts and stuff about war
  • Drinking: Tea UvU


Once again a conversation telling who you like
All I wanna do is run away
Even though every single word is captivating
This irritating day

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve always been this way
But I just can’t seem to get it off of my mind
It’s hopeless anyways

Guess I should apologize for loving you, it isn’t right
Not like I could have to courage just to tell you
Only thing that’s true is that I really love you
Not like I’d tell you if I even ever tried to
I’m sorry for this

I can’t cheer you on, I just hope it goes wrong!
I’d be happy if it goes bad for you both
Praying for something horrible to come
All because, I guess that’s who I truly am

Out of bed, sleepy head, it’s time to go to class
All that I could think to say
Suddenly, blushing with a wink ‘cause it’s a secret
It’s so unfair to see this

All that I was working for was floating up above
Just like Panda and a Milk could make a white bear
In this crazy place called life

Oh even though I guess that I’m that horrible kind of girl
That hopes the girl you like has someone else to love on
Don’t you think it’s kind of hopeless
He's not worth it!
Guess that I should have known this all along
I wonder, it’s no good, I should

If it’s jealousy that’s controlling me
Holding back, making sure I won’t be at ease
Just to speak, just to have you talk to me
If it’s you, I couldn’t share with anyone else

(1, 2, 1, 2, 3, Go!)
"I gathered up every last bit of courage I had, I raced all over the school to find you. Hoping I wasn't too late to cross the 10 centimeters that separated us every time. Looking back on it now, the time we spent together could fill a whole book with fond memories. But even so, looking at my friends getting together with someone, I got jealous and well...."

Listen up, I’m only gonna say this once!
Here and right now, at ten past four!
Every single heartbeat getting one step louder
Even just a minute, I will grin and bear it for you
And that’s when you nodded too

Just supposing that, you and I could have had
Even just a day, you’d smile like you never have
Wish me luck, for the time has finally come
So I’ll go, just take me as I am, I’m in love!
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